Online class 5 Wednesdays, September 4, 18, October 2, 16, 30. 6-7:30 pm MST See below for registration inf.

  • Do you have a vision for your life that you continue to sabotage? Maybe even asking yourself, “Who am I to think I can have that?”
  • Are there times when feelings of “not allowed” or “not worthy” keep you from asking for what you want?
  • Do you allow your doubts and fears to hold yourself back?
  • Are you ready to have a greater sense of purpose or larger presence in the world?

Have the fearless attitude of a hero and the loving heart of a child.” Soyen Shaku

Our greatest love and unlimited strength lies in our fearless heart. It waits patiently to assist us to move beyond our fears and doubts and step into the Highest version of ourselves. Change takes courage, being seen in the world takes courage, as does starting over. We handle events in our lives in different ways. Some live in fear….some become complacent and settle for what is…..others follow their heart to pursue their dreams and open their heart to themselves and life. They have found a way to move beyond their doubts and fears and move forward into the vision they hold for themselves

This class is designed to assist you to move beyond your doubts and fears, and develop an unshakeable devotion to who you are and what you have to offer. Whatever you are dealing with in your life or wanting to manifest, the tools you learn from this class will assist you on your journey.

Week 1 Opening your Heart….clearing the chakras, aura and meridians to open to your loving. Bringing forward your intentions, visions and focus on loving yourself.

Week 2 Opening to the Power and Grace within you….bringing forward the qualities needed, i.e. fearless, loving, devotion, clarity, resolve.

Week 3 Releasing and Letting Go….of shame, past mistakes, judgements, future “what ifs”

Week 4 Claiming Your Gifts….trusting guidance, intuition, opening to your gifts and your worth.

Week 5 Aligning with the Divine….opening more fully to your Divine nature, and living your life from that place.

Imagine living your life with a fearless heart!!!

The source of your strength, your Spirit or Divine Self, is larger than any fear. If you don’t have that experience with yourself, it’s an opportunity to delve deeper within to find the strength that overcomes whatever the fear would be. It’s not that you will never experience fear again. You may still be aware of the fear. But by tuning in to your divine nature, your relationship to fear will change so you are one who functions in the strength and courage that is of the Spirit.” John Morton, DSS

Payment Options:

$275 if paid in full by August 30. $295 pd after that by Cash/Check/Paypal

Installment Options: Can make 2 pmts of $100 or 3 pmts. of $105

Some scholarships available.

Recordings will be available if you need to miss a class or to listen again.

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