Online Course Tuesdays September 10, 24 and Oct. 8 6-7:30 MST

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All relationships are within you. It may look as if a relationship is you with another person or with other people, but it is always you within you, and relationships are one of the greatest mirrors you can have for yourself – your patterns, your beliefs, your conditioned responses.” John-Roger, DSS

This class will assist you to answer these questions:

What is it within me that would seek comfort in food instead of loving myself?

What is it within me that would make money my Source of safety and self worth?

How can I change my relationship in order to be in balance, loving and open to receive?

Love, connection, safety, security are all basic human needs. If we don’t have these met growing up in our family, we can seek them elsewhere. Two areas that often represents our unmet needs or feelings of lack are money and food. Behind imbalances in these two areas lies old conditioning and limiting beliefs.

We can create stories that cause us to believe that food is our source of comfort and nurturing. Or, that we’re not worthy of prosperity and money is being withheld. These stories are often created from a place of lack or not feeling enough. They keep us from fully embracing the Divine essence within us and the infinite love and prosperity that is available. This class will assist you in becoming aware of the stories you have been telling yourself about food and/or money, often on an unconscious level.

Each week we will be opening to Spiritual processes and meditations, and using techniques from NLP and energy psychology to assist in a deeper awareness, clearing and healing of what no longer serves, and opening to the Loving that is present.

Recordings will be available if you need to miss a class or for review later.

$175 cash or check/$185 by PayPal.

Can pay in 2 installments. Some scholarships available.

Please call me @402-968-3894 or email to register.