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4 Wednesdays: September 6, 13, 20, 27

7:00-8:30 pm CST   $240/ $225 if pd by 8-31. Or, 2 payments or $120

To register or for questions, email dixieclark@cox.net or call 402-968-3894

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“All of your relationships are inside of you. Ultimately, each relationship you have
with another person reflects your relationship with yourself.

How well (or poorly) you get along with yourself will be directly mirrored by how
you get along with others inside of you and outside of you.”
– John-Roger, D.S.S.

  • Do you continue to attract the same types of relationships or situations?
  • Do you get “triggered” easily by what other people do or say?
  • Do you often feel rejected by others, or need their approval in order to feel okay?
  • Do you long for a closer relationship with God or other people in your life?

The quality of our lives can be determined by the quality of our relationships- with God, with ourselves, with others and with our career. Our relationships can be one of the greatest teachers we have in life.  They not only help us learn loving, patience, boundaries, effective communication, but they are a mirror of our relationship to ourselves. We may carry patterns inside of us that block our full participation in these relationships and with our loving.  Every doubt and insecurity we have about ourselves and our own worthiness is brought forward in our relationships.   Every need to prove ourselves, to seek approval, and our sense of safety and security is played out with the people in our lives. We often try to change others in an attempt to feel okay. When the quality of the relationship with our selves improves, the quality of our other relationships will shift as well.

  1. Week 1 God– What do you make more important than you relationship with God? Where is that relationship on your priority list? What is it within you that causes you to turn away? How can you strengthen your commitment, communion and trust?
  1. Week 2 Self– This week explores how you love and honor yourself. What blocks you from fully loving and trusting yourself? Do you seek approval and love from others in order to be okay? What are the wounds and reactions you carry that get “triggered” in relationships? How can you open up to loving and accepting all parts of yourself?
  1. Week 3 Family/Friends-How are you expressing yourself in your relationships? Do you bring your loving forward? Or, do you withhold it out of fear? Do you abandon yourself and God in your relationships?
  1. Week 4 Career/(inside and outside of home) Is there anything that blocks you from participating fully? Are you in service of something greater than yourself? Are you able to express your gifts in the world? Do you overly identify with your career and see it as the Source of who you are?

This 4 week course helps people go to a deeper level of awareness of the patterns in themselves that get played out in relationships. What are the beliefs and patterns that pull you out of your loving?  What do you make more important than God and loving yourself? Are we attracting the same types of people and situations into your life and blaming God or other people?

Each begins with a prayer and a meditation to assist in seeing these relationships and patterns from a higher perspective.  We will do a process for clearing self judgment, realigning your priorities, opening to the loving.  Each session will end with setting an intention and 1 microscopic step of action towards that intention, and a prayer asking for assistance for whatever is needed for our Highest Good.

Dixie Clark, MS, DSS  www.Dixieclark.com   info@dixieclark.com  402-968-3894