Developing an unshakeable devotion to who you are and what you have to offer.

(4 Week online class.  Registration information below)

“Your brilliance awaits you on the edge of your comfort zone.”

Panache Desai

We are born into this world carrying a light called Soul that holds our purpose and mission in this lifetime. There is knowledge on a cellular level that all life is sacred and the role of being a woman is to be honored.

Beyond the fear, doubt and limitations we have placed on ourselves, lies the strength and deep wisdom of our true nature. Each moment we have a choice from which level we operate in life. Each day we get to choose how we present ourselves to the world. We get to choose how we use our power, or if we give it away. Now is not the time to be complacent or to play small in the world. Now is the time to step into our relevance as women and our Divine nature.

Week 1  New Vision– What is your vision for yourself in the world? Aligning with your Soul’s Purpose

Week 2  Beliefs/Primary Question– Aligning the beliefs you need to sustain this vision.  What is your primary question that can either empower or limit you?

Week 3  Balancing our masculine/feminine energies– learning to access all of your gifts

Week 4  Raising the vibrations of the planet.  Starting with your own.

I am a Woman of Consequence: Who I am…What I do…What I bring to the world

4 Thursdays, July 9, 16, 23, 30.  6:00-7:30pm MST.

Classes will be on Zoom and will be recorded if you need to miss, or for review.

Cost: $185 by July 5.  $195 after that. Check/Vemo/PayPal (add 3% for PayPal) Some scholarships available.

Call 402-968-3894 or email to register.

Participants will receive a bonus daily email Morning Check Ins that contain either a quote/brief process/or other reminders to further integrate the previous class. This helps you stay in the energy of the class throughout the week and keep focused on your intentions.

This class is also offered as an individual coaching program, if you prefer one-to-one learning.  Contact me for details and payment information.