When Time Doesn’t Heal
Saturday, August 19 12:30-3:30

$75 at the door/$69 if Pd by 8-10
Location: 13 Moons Acupuncture 1000 N 72nd St. Omaha, Ne.

To register, call 402-968-3894 or email dixieclark@cox.net

If you’ve ever had a loss or betrayal in your life, you know that sometimes time does not heal.  Whether the loss is the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or the end of something else that was meaningful to you, sometimes healing gets blocked. Sometimes we shut down the process. We may think the pain is too much to bear and we just want to move on. Healing is an active process that honors who we are, what we’ve learned, and the relationship or situation that is no longer here. Here are some factors that may block our healing:

  • We shut down our hearts to loving, both to ourselves and others, fully.
  • Our brain codes the situation as a trauma and goes into fight or flight when triggered
  • We lose patience for that part of ourselves that is still grieving and judge it as wrong
  • We create stories about what the loss means and get stuck in that
  • We go into victim mode or righteous anger, and stay in the wounding
  • The grieving energy can get stuck in a level of consciousness. We may clear it on one level, but, it can still be present in others.
  • Sometimes a part of us gets stuck back on our timeline when the loss occurred.

This workshop will be bringing in the healing power of Spirit, as well as working with other levels of consciousness where the loss got stuck to help release whatever is for your Highest Good at this time. We will be doing processes and meditations designed to clear negativity without you having to relive the situation. Opening to healing old losses and hurts opens your heart to more loving and joy and can deepen your connection to Spirit.

Facilitator:  Dixie Clark, MS, DSS, LPC               www.Dixieclark.com