(The Meaning Behind the Madness)

Saturday, September 23 1:00-3:00 pm
$60 by 9-15/$65 after that
Thirteen Moons Acupuncture 1002 N. 72nd St.

To register, call 402-968-3894, email dixieclark@cox.net

“Your Soul is never diminished.  It is never broken.  It is never handicapped or sick.  It does not die.  The Soul thrives entirely, and it thrives on everything in life.” John Morton

You may have heard the expression, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”   But, life doesn’t always seem so spiritual.  It can be hard… with disappointments, betrayals, losses. When this happens, you may fall into discouragement, feeling alone, believing you’re not enough.  These judgments can separate you from Spirit and your connection to your True Self, your Soul. There are no accidents in life. We are not being punished.  We have not been abandoned or forgotten. There is meaning behind each situation we encounter, and a key to our growth is embedded in each trauma, wounding, loss and betrayal we have.

The consciousness of Loving that resides in each of us knows exactly what is for our Highest Good in each moment.  It continues to guide us forward to help us open to Soul awareness and continue to awaken in our Spiritual development.

This class will help you look at situations in your life to find the learning that was embedded in them. It will help you better see that your Soul has been pulling you forward every step of the way bringing people and situations into your life at exactly the right time. We will be doing processes and meditations to help you align with this Loving guidance and gain a better understanding of your life.

Facilitator:  Dixie Clark, MS, DSS, LPC