Online class, 3 Wednesdays, May 9, 16, and 23.

6:00-7:30 Mountain Standard Time $175 if pd by May 1. $195 after that.

Classes will be recorded if you need to miss.  Some scholarships available.

To register, email or call 402-968-3894

 “It’s a challenge to take that which has been your hurt, your anger, your grief, and use those as stepping-stones to go higher in your spiritual freedom.” John-Roger, DSS

  • Do you find yourself holding on to anger or resentment?
  • Do you often feel guilty for things you have done or not done?
  • Do you tend to “stuff” your anger or have it explode in ways you don’t want?

Many of us didn’t have good role models for expressing anger growing up. And, unfortunately, we often were taught very well about how to feel guilty. Carrying guilt and anger around can lead to physical , emotional and Spiritual blocks These emotions part of our human experience, so learning to acknowledge, express and let go helps us move to a higher level.  Each week you will be exploring ways that these energies have been affecting your life, your relationships and your connection to Spirit. You will learn processes to help your release what no longer serves your Highest Good, and new ways of expression.  Here is the description of each week:

Week 1 Positive intentions of this energy. How it gets stuck and blocks the flow of life. Clearing anger/guilt from ancestral line. Releasing anger/guilt that you have taken on from others. Beliefs we have that hold it in place.

Week 2 Releasing anger/guilt from earlier years or what’s there on an unconscious level. Acknowledging the “unthinkable”-anger at God or the Universe, and letting go.

Week 3 Giving self permission to acknowledge, feel and release. Becoming aware of under/over responsibility and honoring your boundaries. Align on all levels with Spirit and the highest version of yourself.