The expressions of the soul come through the qualities of love, joy, laughter, enthusiasm, acceptance, authenticity, innocence, expansion.  Common every day moments.  Common every day expressions of the Divine.  And we often let them slip by without realizing that in that moment, our greatness just came forward. Our soul expresses itself frequently in our lives, although it can be very subtle. We often move in and out of this energy so quickly that we miss it.

These expressions can be seen in the way we love our children, how we greet our friends, how we allow ourselves to openly deal with the pain of a loss and then find the courage to move forward. They can be seen in enthusiasm for a project or idea, creativity, whether that be through the arts, or simply a new way of doing something.  It can be seen in laughter, in play, in just being silly.  It is seen in the grace of forgiveness, sitting with a loved one who is sick or dying, in opening our heart and receiving fully from life.

These are the keys to the meaning of life.  To be in the moment in loving and acceptance, and to know that everything is coming forward for our highest good.

We live with our personality as our center for a long time.   It creates illusions that separate us from ourselves and others.   Through our fears and judgments, we can constrict this soul energy.  The Soul will just stand back allowing us to make choices that cause us to struggle and think we’re alone in all of this, until we’re ready to make a different choice.    It is there in total loving, learning what it needs to, knowing it’s safe.

At some point the awakening to our true nature begins. Sometimes it comes in the form of restlessness, frustration, loneliness.  Sometimes it comes when we are so tired of how we’re doing life that we finally surrender to that which is greater than us. It’s as if the part of us that knows is saying, “Wake up…..remember….

Our greatness lies in opening to this Soul awareness and allowing that expression to be our center.

What are you ready to let go of in order to allow your soul to come forward more fully?

Living a soul centered life and opening up to our soul’s expression is not a one time process and we’re done.   It’s an ongoing path of discipline and devotion to releasing negativity and opening to loving.  It is who we truly are when we’re ready to claim it.

“Through my stillness, the door opened.
Through my allowing, my Soul became present.
Through my loving, we became One.”