“You can free the locked energy of  incompletions in this moment, by moving your body into action and starting the process of completing. As you start to do this, you will feel the energy coming loose and free inside of you, and you may find that all sorts of aches and pains will release. This is a healing action, not necessarily healing in terms of disease, but certainly healing in terms of completing your life patterns and your goals. It’s so extremely important because as an area inside of you that was asleep awakens, your energy stops leaking away into it and becomes immediately available to you as a conscious, awake person.”  John-Roger, DSS


Free Online Class. Wednesday, October 4 6:00-7:00 pm Mountain Time.

Please call Dixie Clark @ 402-968-3894 or email info@dixieclark.com to register.

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The Karma of Incompletions

  • Do you get excited by new ideas, but move on to the next project before completing the old?
  • Do you frequently have unfinished to do lists?
  • Does the sight of clutter in your home or energy cause your energy to drop?
  • What parts of your life or areas of yourself are you trying to hide from yourself and others?

All the incompletions in our lives not only break our word to ourselves, but cause an imbalance in our system that creates karma.  If this happens once in a while in your life you may not notice any effects. However, repeated incompletions becomes a pattern that can affect all areas of our lives. This pattern blocks the flow of energy, can stop us from moving forward, and causes discouragement and inertia.

Incompletions are not only projects left undone, but also inner changes we say we are going to make, things we want to say to another, or  just not maintaining our inner integrity and responsibility.

It is difficult to expand and be in the flow of life when we are carrying the contraction caused by our lack of follow through.  This class is designed to help you move to completion in all areas of your life to allow you to be open to receive. It will help you to:

  • Identify factors that create incompletions
  • Understand the karma it creates
  • Learn strategies for completion and clearing karma

The Karma of Incompletions

Move to Doing or Declaring it Done

** Online class **
3 Wednesdays: October 11, 18, 25.

6:00-7:30 Mountain Time

$185 if pd. by 9-31  / $195 after that. ( Call about payment plan)

To register or for questions, email dixieclark@cox.net or call 402-968-3894

Note: You will need to download the free app Zoom to view this class.


What would it be like if you actually did everything you said you were going to do?

Are you ready to be that person?  This 3 week series goes deeper into not only identifying the blocks that keep you from doing what you said you were going to do, but, also provides strategies to move to completion.

Week 1-This week deals with the clarity of your outcome and your strategy for motivation. Both of these need to be effective in order to move through any resistance. You will learn an effective strategy for gaining clarity and motivation that you can use in all situations.

Week 2- In this class we look at what’s under the surface. What are the beliefs you are carrying that may be blocking you from moving forward? Do you judge your worthiness to have what you want? Are you afraid of facing a situation? Releasing these unconscious blocks helps open the energy for completion.

Week 3-Learn how to empower yourself to live from your fullest expression. You will learn to align with all levels of consciousness in order to live from that place of power and grace inside of you.