Soul Centered Counseling

“When the Soul’s purpose can be seen in the patterns of our lives,
life becomes a celebration.”   Dixie Clark

“I want a deeper connection to Spirit, but something seems to be blocking me”

“I don’t feel as though I fit in my life anymore, or even in my own skin.”

“I’ve dealt with this issue so many times, and nothing seems to change”

“There is more I want to do in my life, but I keep holding myself back.”

“I can’t seem to let go of things that happened in the past.”

These are issues that are present for many people at some point in their life,  especially if you are on a path of personal development or spiritual growth. Your inner wisdom, or your Soul, knows when it is time to deal with an issue, heal old wounds, and open up to greater learning and expansion. I see myself as a facilitator who helps others know themselves on a deeper level and open to their Soul’s expression.  My work provides the tools for people to live a deeply meaningful life.

You may have heard the expression, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”   But, life doesn’t always seem so spiritual.  It can be hard… with disappointments, betrayals, losses. When this happens, you may fall into discouragement, feeling alone, believing you’re not enough.  These judgments can separate you from Spirit and your connection to your True Self, your Soul.

When this occurs, you may experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, addictions, physical problems, or a lack of purpose in life. This can block your awareness of the joy, the loving, the knowing, that is your birthright.

But, deep inside there is a part of you awakening, guiding you each step of the way to just the right people and situations to help you on this journey.
My work involves creating a space to help you learn to love your humanness, to let go of judgments, and open your heart to yourself and life. Each session brings the healing power of Spirit to assist you in seeing your life from a higher perspective.  It is about clearing whatever is blocking your own Light and loving from coming forward.

The foundation of this work is aligning with the Light of Spirit, and asking that it guide us, protect us, and bring forward whatever is ready to be released or healed for the Highest Good. Each session is guided by Spirit and honors the values and experience of each person. During the appointment, you set your intention of what you want, so you can begin putting energy into that, and then we begin doing the clearing of whatever is blocking you from already having it, which may be an unconscious belief, old conditioning, karma or a genetic pattern, as examples.
I have been doing this work for almost 30 years, and utilize many holistic modalities that can help clear emotional blocks and old conditioning that no longer serve you. Often these blocks are being held in your unconscious or in your energy field, below your awareness. When this clearing occurs, you are more available for the spiritual energy to come forward. As I said earlier, I am the facilitator.  The real work is between you and Spirit, and your readiness to let go.

During these sessions you will also learn tools to help you learn to listen to your inner wisdom, tap into your inner resources, and clear negativity. This work is about helping you to trust yourself and deepen your connection to Spirit.

My intention is to help you:
Know yourselves on a deeper level
Release insecurities, anger, guilt, limiting beliefs
Heal past trauma, old wounds, karma
Awaken to joy, love, enthusiasm, your authentic self

Benefits for you;

  • Open to loving-when you heal old wounds and fears, you feel safer to love again. And, you often begin to attract new people and situations into your life.
  • Feel Lighter– if you are bogged down with stress, negative energy from others and judgments, it weighs you down. Clearing these aspects actually helps you feel lighter.
  • Open to Inner Guidance– maybe you have been listening to the voice of fear, or the voice that says you have to be perfect.  When you learn to let these go, you begin to listen to your one true voice, your Soul.
  • Learn new tools-you can learn new tools to help manage stress, emotions that are out of balance, and open to Spiritual energy.
  • Accessing Inner Resources-you have everything you need inside of you to deal with the situations in your life and to make healthy decisions. Once you clear old patterns and conditioning, you have more access to these qualities when you need them.
  • Align with the highest version of yourself-you may have been holding yourself back or keeping yourself small. Updating your beliefs about yourself and what’s possible for you allows you to bring your gifts more fully into the world.
  • Deepen your connection in Spirit-this work assists you to becomes aware of what may be blocking your awareness of Spirit and to deepen your connection.When it is time for you to move to the next level, to let go of what no longer serves you, you will have a sense that it is time to make changes in yourself, which will change your life.  All can open to the joy and loving that is here for us. If you are ready for your next step, consider calling for a free consultation or to set up an appointment.
“I recognized, finally, that I had always been in touch with my Soul and Divine nature. I had never been separate from it. It had always been present, as the best part of me. It was my laughter, my loving, my enthusiasm, my devotion, and so much more. It was the part of me that I really liked.”  – John-Roger, DSS and Pauli Sanderson, DSS