Listen…Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?” Mary Oliver

 “Everywhere you go is sacred ground, every person you touch to is a sacred person, and each consciousness is to be respected. All the hurts, the heartaches, and the sorrows can be turned over to the Master within and dissolved in the Light of your own wisdom and joy.” John-Roger, DSS

2018 was a difficult year for many, both personally and professionally. And, it is easy to get bogged down in the events of the day and unmet expectations. It is easy to get into a pattern of judgment, apathy and going on autopilot. We can get stuck in that lower vibration and miss the magic and sacredness of who we are.

What if you lived each day from a place where you know everyone and everything is sacred? And, from this place are able to be aware of those moments of your Soul expressing itself in your daily life and events around you?

There are no small lives. All are Holy. We are living in our Divine creation with a sacred purpose. We are past the point in our evolution where just any old life will do.  We are here during these powerful times to open to our Divine nature and to embrace the Sacred within and around us.

This class will assist you to answer these questions:

  • What do I need to release from my life in order to feel worthy?
  • How can I support my spiritual growth in greater ways?
  • What can I do to more fully claim the Sacred in me and around me in my daily life?

Online Class on 3 Wednesdays, February 14, 20 and 27.  6-7:30 pm MST

Recordings will be available if you need to miss a class or for review later.

$175 cash or check/$185 or PayPal. Can pay in 2 installments. Some scholarships available.

Please call me @402-968-3894 or email to register.