Major Life Transitions

Dealing with Change and Loss

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned in order to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

  • Have you lost someone or something you cared about recently, and are trying to make sense of it all?
  • Has your sense of safety and what you believed in been shattered or badly shaken?
  • Are you having trouble figuring out who you are now and what your future will be?

If you have gone through a major life transition recently such as the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, health crisis, or moving, you know that each one calls for many adjustments in your life.  Often, there are many decisions to be made and details to be handled.

  • Not only do you have to deal with the emotions of the loss or change, but even just managing the day to day events of your life can seem overwhelming.
  • Life seems as though it’s asking you to move forward and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and not have to deal with any of it
  • Feelings of insecurity, doubting yourself and your ability lead to indecision, and feeling paralyzed can be part of this process.

If we live, if we love, we are guaranteed that our heart will be broken, because nothing stays or nothing stays the same.  We are all temporary here, and were never intended to be permanent. However, these losses and changes can break your heart, cause you to doubt who you are, and question your place in the world. Many people fall into judgment of these situations, blaming themselves, God, or whoever else they think had a hand in it. Blaming and resisting can keep you stuck in discouragement, anxiety, depression.  It’s easy to become consumed by “why me”, “this isn’t fair”, or “if only I had…..”  These changes can cause you to doubt everything you had believed up until that point, even cause you to doubt who you are. It can feel as though you’re paralyzed and unable to think of ever being happy again.

In working with others, I create a safe environment where each person can deal with this change or loss at their own pace. I trust that there is a reason for all of this happening, and that within each person are the strength and resources needed to deal with this.
When I am working with someone dealing with a loss or major transition, these are usually one or more of the areas in which we focus:

  • Bringing forward the inner qualities and intentions that you need during this time, such as clarity, courage, loving yourself.
  • Normalizing of the grieving process so you understand better the extreme behavioral and emotional reactions you may be experiencing.
  • Learning specific tools to help body, mind and spirit stay balanced.
  • Clearing any judgments and limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck.
  • Moving into trusting yourself and aligning with Spirit’s guidance.
  • Opening to your deepest wisdom and living from that place.

It is important during this time to take care of yourself.  Being patient and loving with yourself and others isn’t always easy when it feels as though you and your world will never be the same.  And, yet, that’s what these situations call for.  Taking each day one step at a time, being willing to reach out for help, and being patient with yourself during this process.  Making sure your basic needs are met on the physical level can help give you the strength to deal with the situation on other levels.
At some point, it may be helpful to look at your life from a higher perspective, asking “what is life asking of me here?”  We don’t always know what our soul’s agenda is.  We aren’t always aware of what Spirit has planned for us when our world is shaken.  But, we can move into the trust that whatever is happening is for our Highest Good, and we are not alone.

These are some ways people have said they learned from the transition they experienced:

  • It was a catalyst for expansion, growth, and bringing their inner strength forward.
  • It shook them out of autopilot, and caused them to live more in the moment.
  • It helped them to surrender to what was present, and to God.
  • It helped them step into a stronger version of themselves at that stage of their life.

If you feel you are stuck in moving through a transition in your life, or if you have not healed from a change or transition that happened a long time ago, it may be time to begin dealing with it from a different perspective.

I have over 28 years of experience in helping people through change and transitions in their lives.  I am in awe of the strength that is within each of us and believe that God’s got us all.
Please consider calling for an appointment or free consultation if you feel stuck in a change or transition in your life, and are ready to move forward.