“You can drop everything that is not speaking truth inside of you, now, and return to the divinity that waits with infinite patience for your homecoming.”~ John-Roger with Paul Kaye from The Rest of Your Life

We are born into this world carrying a Light called Soul, which holds our mission and our purpose in this lifetime. This is our one true voice. This is the voice that holds our deepest wisdom and brings forward Divine guidance. The one that allows us to speak the truth of who we are in the world, and whispers which choice to make each step of the way for our Highest Good.

This guidance can be very subtle at times. It comes in the form of a feeling, a hunch, a knowing. We hear it in the form of an inner voice that says “yes” or “no” to choices we have. It comes in the form of joy or enthusiasm as we align with that which is of Spirit. It also comes in the form of tears when the truth of the moment touches our heart.

We often override the messages we receive from this part of us by listening instead to the voice of our fears, the voice of addictions, or the voice of other people’s opinions and expectations. We learn to give ourselves away, out of the need for approval from others or fear of making a mistake.

We have all heard messages growing up about our worth and we formed beliefs about our safety and security. We learned what we needed to do in order to be accepted by our families and society. Often that means going against our instincts, not trusting our perceptions, instead, doing what others want in order to be accepted or safe.

We abandon ourselves and our true nature in order to keep the peace, get along, get approval. We have come to believe that our sense of safety lies outside of ourselves. So, we attempt to control people and situations in our lives under the illusion that what’s outside of us determines our safety and our worth, rather than living from the inside out. The result is living a life that’s two dimensional, having lost the connection with our deepest wisdom.

When we are really honest with our motivations in situations, we can begin to clear out old beliefs and fears that no longer serve us. We start to live life fully and consciously. Moving beyond old programming and living from a place of Soul takes courage, integrity, and loving. Yet, that is the path for each of us.

Even though we each have our own unique destiny, we all share one purpose in this lifetime, and that is to learn to love ourselves and know ourselves as Divine.

Our soul is waiting for us to tune in and listen in order to show us the way.

Dixie Clark, MS, DSS, LPC is a licensed counselor, registered psychotherapist and an ordained minister. She holds a masters degree in both counseling and spiritual science, and has a doctorate in spiritual science. With over 28 years experience in mind/body therapies, she combines spirituality, psychology and energy work to help people release emotional blocks, heal past trauma and change limiting beliefs to open to soul awareness.

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