“The discovery of yourself can be the most exciting and rewarding adventure you could ever take.”   John-Roger, DSS

Healing Family Patterns in the Light
Online class Thursdays March 14, 21 & 28, 2019
6:00-7:30pm MST

Call 402-968-3894 or email Dixieclark@cox.net to register

You will need to download the free Zoom app to participate.

Recordings of the class will be available if you need to miss a class or to review later.

  • Do you notice a theme(s) in your family that seems to keep repeating, such as money issues, difficulty communicating or handling conflict, or issues of control?
  • Are there personal issues you continue to attempt to release, but they continue to hold you back.
  • Do you seem to have responsibilities in your family you feel compelled to do even if you feel burdened by them?

We all carry ancestral patterns and family karma in our energy field and in our DNA.  This conditioning from the past can affect our present situations and our ability to move forward.  They may block prosperity, relationships, and our ability to receive, to name a few. How does your family communicate, use power, honor male/female roles? Even when you’re clearing your own issues, you may still be under the influence of family karma and patterns. This class helps you work with the beliefs, karma and energies of your parents and ancestors that may be blocking your joy and expansion in your relationships and life today.

Week 1: Awareness of family patterns and karma that are affecting you. Letting go of energies and beliefs from your ancestors that no longer serve your Highest Good.

Week 2: How are male/female roles honored or minimized in your family? How balanced are the male/female energies within you?

Week 3:  Opening to your inner spiritual mother and father. Installing parental messages that are nurturing and empowering.

We will be doing processes and meditations each week to assist your awareness, releasing of karma and old patterns, and opening up to the freedom of your own expression, in service of your Soul’s intent.

$175 cash or check. $185 by credit card or PayPal. Can pay in 2 installments. Some scholarships are available.

Email Dixieclark@cox.net or call 402-968-3894 to register.