“Your brilliance awaits you on the edge of your comfort zone.”

                 – Panache Desai

  • Do you often say yes when you mean no?
  • Do you hold back your anger until it comes out in hurtful ways?
  • Do you often pretend a situation is okay even when your inner guidance says it’s not?
  • Are there more ways that you want to express who you are in the world, but hold back?

Underneath the face we present to the world, and the level of hurt and anger that often drives us, lives the voice of our deepest Truth. This Voice carries our passion, our joy, our creativity, and authenticity. It is the Divine expression within us all.

We have learned to silence this voice, and speak instead from a level designed to help us fit in, gain approval and be safe. We create an inner bondage of this expression of who we are, and it holds us in a pale, smaller version of ourselves. This path to opening to this expression is part of our journey.

This class is designed to assist you to:

  1. Speak the Truth to yourself-reclaiming parts of you that have been silenced and giving them a voice. Gaining clarity and the courage to be honest with yourself first.
  2. Learn to access the place inside of you that holds your Truth and speak from that level.
  3. Claiming your brilliance and expressing your Truth with the world.

“You can drop everything that is not speaking truth inside of you, now, and return to the divinity that waits with infinite patience for your homecoming.”   — John-Roger with Paul Kaye from The Rest of Your Life.

Online class, 3 Wednesdays, Februay 21, 28 and March 7. 6:00-7:30 MST

$185 by check if pd by February 14. $195 after that or by Cr.Cd.

Classes will be recorded. Can pay in 2 installments if needed.

To register, email dixieclark@cox.net or call 402-968-3894