Online class Wednesday, May 2  6-7:30 pm MST $45

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To register, email or call 402-968-3894

  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to muscle test yourself and learn more about what your unconscious is holding?
  • Do you have patterns or behavior that you keep repeating, but consciously are unable to stop them or know why you’re doing them?

There is so much information that is available to us that is not on the conscious level.

All of our beliefs, every hurt,  all of the information about our personal history is carried in our unconscious. These beliefs, values and past experiences can have a great influence on our current and future behavior.  Accessing this information from our mind, our conscious level, is often not successful.

In this class you will learn 2 simple yet profound ways of accessing unconscious information to help you in your daily life.

You will be learning muscle testing, how to self muscle test, how to ask the question, and, what it can and cannot do.

You will also learn the process of communicating with a part of you, to better understand the motivation for a behavior, or to get a better understanding of the cause of symptoms, either physical or emotional.

This will be a very informative , fun way for you to begin know yourself on a deeper level.