Being a Woman of Consequence: Letting go of the “I’m not enough” story.

(Online 4 week course on Zoom. Registration information below)

Many women have questions such as “Who am I now at this stage in my life?”  “What do I want?” They often doubt themselves or what they have to offer. Many feel stuck in old patterns and ways of thinking. The result can be feeling frustrated with themselves and their lives.

The focus of this class is to assist you to develop an unshakeable devotion to who you are and what you have to offer.  It is designed to assist you to bring clarity to your next step, and the courage to take it. It is about moving beyond the story of “not enough” and into creating a vision of the life you want, and the inner knowing that you are allowed to have it.

Here are the themes we cover for each week. Each class you will be learning processes and meditations to help you integrate the learning.

Week 1  New Vision– What is your vision for yourself in the world? How can you bring your talents forward more fully?

Week 2  Beliefs/Primary Question– Aligning the beliefs you need to sustain this vision.  What may be sabotaging you moving forward.

Week 3  Balancing our masculine/feminine energies– Learning to access all of your inner qualities and bring forward a balance of “being” and “doing.”

Week 4  Raising your vibrations.  How to stay in the energy of your Vision and believing in yourself.

I am a Woman of Consequence: Who I am…What I do…What I bring to the world matters!!!

4 Saturdays  September 5, 12, 19, and 26   9:00-10:30 a.m. MST.

Classes will be on Zoom and will be recorded if you need to miss, or for review.

Cost: $185 by August 29.  $195 after that. Check/Venmo/PayPal (add 3% if not Friends/Family option) Can make 2 payments of $100 each.

Call 402-968-3894 or email to register.

You will also receive daily Morning Check In emails to assist you to stay in the energy of the class and continue your inner awareness.


  • A Woman of Consequence has been a revelation to me. I finally embraced a vision for myself that has danced in my periphery for years. There is a lot of power in Dixie’s nuanced and engaging approach. She is always patient, always supportive and has helped me illuminate my own path. LK
  • Dixie’s classes are always amazingly supportive of our inner growth, but this one addresses our identities as women in a deep and necessary way. Her lessons and meditations revealed what is still hurt, and brought forward wisdom from deep within myself to expand into my more consequential self. I would take this class again! So powerful! — DBB