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The Karma of Incompletions

“You can free the locked energy of  incompletions in this moment, by moving your body into action and starting the process of completing. As you start to do this, you will feel the energy coming loose and free inside of you, and you may find that all sorts of aches and pains will release. This [...]

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Understanding Your Soul’s Agenda

(The Meaning Behind the Madness) Saturday, September 23 1:00-3:00 pm $60 by 9-15/$65 after that Thirteen Moons Acupuncture 1002 N. 72nd St. To register, call 402-968-3894, email “Your Soul is never diminished.  It is never broken.  It is never handicapped or sick.  It does not die.  The Soul thrives entirely, and it thrives on [...]

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