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Listening to Your One True Voice

“You can drop everything that is not speaking truth inside of you, now, and return to the divinity that waits with infinite patience for your homecoming.”~ John-Roger with Paul Kaye from The Rest of Your Life We are born into this world carrying a Light called Soul, which holds our mission and our purpose in [...]

The Power of Self Forgiveness

“The basic thing we need to do is forgive ourselves for forgetting that we are divine. That is the real message to open up the channel for our return to Spirit.” – John-Roger From the moment we’re born, we begin to form limiting beliefs and judgments about ourselves, about life and our safety. We hear [...]

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The World is Your Mirror

“All of your relationships are inside of you. There's no relationship out there. There is only the reflection of what you are doing inside yourself and how you're dealing with relationships inside of you, not out there. It may look as if a relationship is you with another person or with other people, but it [...]

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